Fun Triangle Destinations for Children

The beautiful cities of the Triangle have consistently ranked high in national lists for families, such as Raleigh ranking #2 in a 2019 poll of the Most Family-Friendly Cities (via With such a welcoming reputation, the Triangle is home to numerous destinations for children to enjoy.

Here are some of our favorite local places for kids to explore, learn, and get silly!

1. Marbles Kid’s Museum

We had to start this post out with one of the best non-profit museums for children. Beginning as a merger project between Exploris and Playspace in 2007, Marbles Kid Museum has become a popular destination for pre-school to elementary-aged children. Specifically, it’s a wonderful facility for kiddos to use their imagination and become excited or curious to learn outside of traditional school environments.

The play-based exhibits encourage kids to explore, learn, and connect with other children, while creating healthy and active habits. At $7 a ticket, Marbles offers quite the outing for a minimal price. There is also a corner store, café, and IMAX right next door for additional fun, snacks, or products that can keep that curiosity spark lit at home too.

2. Morehead Planitarium and Science Center

If you’re looking for something more science-based, UNC Chapel Hill’s Morehead Planitarium and Science Center is a terrific option. As the name suggests, the facility focuses on astronomy-focused exhibits. Kiddos can gaze up at the universe and see how astronauts work in space through planetarium shows; or, they can dig deeper into astronomy and accomanying sciences (like chemistry or geology) through summer camps and after school programs. There are even programs for older teens and adults hosted throughout the year at various locations in the Triangle.

Adult tickets prices are just over $8, with children’s, senior’s, and student’s tickets at around $7. Prices and schedules vary for additional programs, so be sure to check the center’s website for updates and full details throughout the year.

3. Lazy 5 Ranch

You don’t need to plan a trip overseas or walk among the huge crowds at Asheboro Zoo to experience exotic animals. The Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville is a private/family-owned sanctuary with a facsinating array of animals; including giraffes, kangaroos, rinos, lemurs, antelope, and camels. There are also more ranch-like animals, such as cattle, ducks, and pigs. To support an independent organization while viewing or interacting with such compelling animals, Lazy 5 Ranch offers reasonable admission prices at $11 for adults and $8 for children or seniors.

The ranch also offers wagon rides or walking tours, or you can simply drive through and view the animals on your own. Currently they only accept cash, so remember to bring enough, along with a water-bottle and some snacks!

4. Durham Museum of Life and Science

Now we did touch on this museum a bit in our last blog post; however, we didn’t go into much detail about just how awesome the facilities and exhibits are for children (and even adults!). The Museum of Life and Science features indoor exhibits and outdoor facilites, including playgrounds, a dinosaur path, and real animals. You can take a stroll through the Magic Wings Butterfly House to walk among various species of butterflies, insects, and exotic plants; or, take to the nature paths to view bears, lemurs, and red wolves. Inside, there are even more animals, like turtles, owls, fish, and a fuzzy muskrat.

Interactive exhibits are the heart of this museum, allowing kids to truly explore fascinating concepts behind space, atmospheric sciences, and prehistoric to modern daily life through hands-on learning. The museum also features a Sprout Café, separate coffee bar, wonderful gift shop, and group to school programs. For more information on pricing, check out our last blog post here:

5. Flour Power Kids Cooking Studios

Looking for a way for your kiddos to learn how to cook? Flour Power Kids Cooking Studios in Cary is the place for you. Now whatever your kiddos make might not always taste the best, but hey, at least they’ll have a ton of fun! Not only can you book birthday parties or pop in for a Kid’s Night Out event, but Flour Power Kids also offers special needs events, camps, and weekly lessons for your lil’ chef to gain foundational skills in the kitchen. Pricing can vary widely depending on which option you choose, especially depending on how many children will be attending, or if you’d like to join in too. So, definitely check their website for availability and register ahead of time to ensure your kiddos experience cooking at its best!

We hope your children (and you of course – everyone can be a kid at heart!) enjoy these unique Triangle locations throughout the summer and never stop learning! Check back with us soon for more information on other great Triangle locations for all ages.

Featured image from the Museum of Life and Science website, specifically their Dinosaur Path page; slightly edited for this post.

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