Millrace Subdivision: A Quiet Gem

Living in a neighborhood with front lake views, charming common areas, and a beautiful waterfall wasn’t a bad way to grow up. Being able to sit on the front porch swing with a captivating novel, overlooking the lake as it reflected the striking Autumn colors from the towering trees was quite the tranquil experience. Baby geese would make the lake their new home, swirling the reflected colors into a sort of Van Gogh-esque image as they adorably learned to swim as fast as their older siblings (yet could only swim quickly in circles).

Living in the countryside of Wake Forest meant we were only a short, scenic drive from downtown Raleigh, but far enough out to easily view the thousands of luminous stars scattered across the night sky, undiminished from city lights. Winter would dramatically arrive, blanketing the community gazebo and lake with sparkling snow (creating an amusing ice rink for the geese).



The gently rolling land would burst with flowers and greenery once Spring and Summer appeared, creating their own beautiful, seasonal display. Hawks and herons would return from their Winter vacations, once again making Millrace their home, inviting additional wildlife to reside along the trees.

Millrace is a peaceful and gorgeous community of 53 homes in a variety of architectural styles: all-brick, executive, southern, etc. Many homes have lakefront access, pools, and large front or back yards. Residents can enjoy fishing the lakes or relaxing in any of the 6 common areas. The square foot range is roughly 2,700 – 4,995 sq ft. The prices range from $299,000 – $774,000. Quite centrally located, Millrace is just a five-minute drive from downtown Wake Forest, including multiple k-12 and year-round schools such as those in Heritage and Roseville. The subdivision is only 20 minutes from Raleigh and 30 minutes from Research Triangle Park and RDU International Airport.



Written by Social Media and Neighborhood Advisor, Sarah Rush

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