HOA vs. Nuisance Neighbors

Neighbors got you down about your new house? You went through the grueling process of house hunting. You searched and searched for that perfect home. You signed what seemed like an endless amount of paperwork. You packed your bags, moved in, and rejoiced with finally being the owner of that dream home. Except, after such a long and happy process, you discover your neighbors aren’t exactly what you hoped for. What can you do?

This is a topic plenty of homeowners don’t want to discuss. But if nuisance neighbors are causing problems for the whole neighborhood’s community, it’s a problem that should most likely be addressed.

Gary M. Singer, an attorney and board-certified expert in real estate law, has the answer. The HOA:

“Most questions from readers speak to the hassles of living in a community association, but an HOA can be a good thing for such a problem. Living with association rules means that your neighbors have to abide by those same rules or risk feeling the HOA’s wrath.”

An HOA may even in itself sometimes feel like a nuisance neighbor, but the association is there to make the neighborhood feel like a welcoming community, not just a bunch of houses plopped down on some land. If you feel your neighbors are causing minor problems or make you feel anything but happy to live in the neighborhood, and you don’t want to communicate with them directly, then the HOA is there to help. Your HOA can help turn your current neighborhood into your dream neighborhood.


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