4 Things To Do Before Listing Your Home

With the new rate drops, many homeowners are thinking about listing their current homes and moving on to their dream house while rates are still low.

Now is a great time to sell your home, and if you want to sell fast (and for more money) you’ll want to make your home move-in ready, and wow any buyer that wants to buy your home. Follow these tips before listing.

Small Repairs and Updates

“Any Homeowner looking to make money selling, needs to be prepared to update their home before listing it. Any repairs, such as fixing trim, adding a new coat of paint, or even touching up the landscape will make it easier to sell your home. Making small fixes, you remove any objections buyers will have. This makes it easy to sell your home fast, and even list as ‘move-in ready’.” Loren Howard- Prime Plus Mortgages, Arizona Hard Money Loans

Homeowners who take the time to make small repairs on their home before the listing can see some major returns. Some small repairs you should make are: landscaping, painting, updating finishes, and repairing any cracks.

All of these repairs are for making the home more appealing for a potential buyer, and removing any objections they may have. It also can have some major returns, as homes that make small repairs before listings sell for more and faster than their counterparts. You can make more from your listing by making trendy updates. Simple upgrades such as gray paint, subway tile, and even barn doors can add value to your home.

Upgrading your home will attract more buyers, and make it even more appealing once it is staged.

Stage Your Home

Staging your home is a vital part of the listing process.

Staging is more than making a home look great for photographs, but is so important for making the most of a property for potential buyers.

A professional home stager can not only transform a room, but imagine more uses for potential spaces to excite buyers.

By staging a home, it is easier for buyers to imagine themselves living in a space, and thus, makes it easier to imagine their lives there.

For homebuyers who are looking to make the most from their investments, home staging is an absolute necessity.

In fact, this staging company reported that staged homes sell for about 6% more on average!

Have Your Home Professionally Cleaned

Who doesn’t love a clean house?

A professionally cleaned home can add some serious value to buyers.

All homes, especially those that have been foreclosed on or recently renovated, can benefit from being professionally cleaned.

Professional cleaners hit spots that many of us don’t think to clean, such as baseboards, ceilings, and of course a deep floor cleaning.

Professional cleaners can highlight a home that has been recently renovated, and make those new improvements shine.

Having a home in pristine condition will photograph beautifully, and impress buyers when they walk through your home.

Photograph Your Home

If you chose not to photograph your home, you are leaving offers, money, and buyers on the table.

Many home buyers are using Zillow or Trulia to view possible homes. Not to mention Instagram, or Facebook, which make liking, sharing, commenting, on homes easier than ever.

In this digital day and age, having photographs for your property is a necessity.

More home buyers are skipping over properties that don’t have photographs and are flocking for beautifully photographed homes.

Paying for a professional photographer will get more buyers looking at your home. The more potential buyers, the more potential offers you may have!


Before listing your home, do these 4 things to potentially make more money on your home and sell it faster!

1. Small Repairs and Updates. Make small repairs to spruce up your home before listing to remove objections. Making repairs will add more buyers, not to mention make your home move-in ready. The best updates that hard money lenders recommend are new coats of paint, landscaping, and small fixes to make your home more appealing to buyers.
2. Stage your Home. Staging your home helps buyers mentally move into your space. Perfect for just renovated homes.
3. Have Your Home Professionally Cleaned. Clean homes highlight the space you have, and professionals will be able to hit those spots you never think of. Plus, clean homes photograph beautifully.
4. Photograph Your Home. Photographed homes make it easy for buyers to find your listing on social media or real estate apps, and houses with professional photographs tend to sell for more.

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