Before You Make an Offer, Investigate the Interior

In my first post, “What to Look at Before You Make an Offer” (which can be read here:, we explored exterior factors to identify or consider before making your purchase. Now we’re ready to take a walk inside, and discuss seven possible issues or areas that should be taken care of before making one […]

6 Housewarming Gifts Every Raleighite Will Love (and Actually Use)

6 Housewarming Gifts Every Raleighlite Will love (and Actually Use) by Paige A. Mitchell Buying a house is always an exciting milestone, and welcoming a friend or family member to the Triangle is certainly cause for celebration. Housewarming gifts can be tricky to buy. They should be thoughtful, personal, and useful—but, it’s often difficult to […]

Why Homeownership Matters Now More Than Ever

Study after study shows that no matter what generation Americans belong to, the vast majority believe that homeownership is an important part of their American Dream. The benefits of homeownership can be broken into two main categories: financial and non-financial (often referred to as emotional or social reasons.) For Americans approaching retirement age, one of […]